Wednesday, January 27, 2010

R.T.K. "Bowler" - Background

Prostitution, Drug Deals, Adult Films, More to Cum ....

Background story:
Daemon and Monk were both trying to establish their own business ... forcing women to prostitute on the streets, sell drugs and basically do everything to get their hands on more green.
Daemon got Nev first and forced her to work for him, but one day she came back to him drugged really bad, telling him about that other man that was way worse than him and tried to get her working for him. After hearing that, he got pissed and started making plans to get rid of the guy, who was trying to steal his 'employee'. Short after though, he was attacked by three guys pointing guns at him, and such things make one start to think they could use some allies ... If Nev was scared of him (and it wasn't so easy to scare her) others would fear him too. He took the phone Monk gave her and called him to arrange a meeting for the three of them at the gas station. There, after a short conversation with hands on their guns, ready to pull them out and start shooting at each other, the two pimps smoothened their problems and decided the town was big enough to handle the two of them and it would be better if they'd work together. Nev had a large customer base, so they could use her to bring other guys into the gang and maybe promote her to a higher level than an ordinary whore in a later stage ... that is, if she was doing well of course. Soon they decided to shoot cheap porn movies using their whores and their pathetic acting skills, which was just a minor problem ... as long as there is pussy and tits on the screen people would buy. Due to the lack of studio they were shooting scenes wherever they could find a place, suitable the next script, or they were changing the script to fit the background. The start was hilarious, because Monk was keeping his whores on drugs all the time and the scenes turned into a man fucking some slut who was barely breathing and completely numb. To their surprise though, soon they found someone interested to buy their shit and they decided to keep going.

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