Wednesday, January 27, 2010

R.T.K. "Bowler" - Members

A pretty ordinary guy from Cyan, who used to work in a car factory for a miserable salary, living for the weekends. Drinking more than he should at times and getting arrested for silly things like breaking down bus stations after it. Kinda unbelievable, but sleeping like a stone while the sky was exploding, too drunk to even wake up. When he found out what was actually going on in Cyan and the optimist he was, he decided he could make use of the whole situation and make his life a bit more exciting.

A mean brutal manipulator who grew up in a post apocalyptic world where its fight for survival or parish . Every means to survive are justified: Robbing, Dealing, Selling Women. By using his brute mean power he forces the weak and the unwilling to his profit. His latest find is a new drug he cooced up that makes women in uncontrollable heat. Side effects of this drug are still unclear, they range from severe hallucinations, dangerous appetite for meat by neko's *grins*, to even stay in that state.

Female, Probably early twenties, Nameless?
She doesnt remember anything, she doesnt know who she is, where she is from and not even where she is now. What she does know however is this:
A rather violent man has claimed her to be his 'whore'. She needs to work the streets and hand over her earnings to him. Things got worse when a 'client' decided he wanted to claim her as is whore too. After a short period of having to deal with two pimps who both wanted her to pay them, the two men decided to form an alliance and she now works for pimp number 1 again.
Call it Stockholm Syndrome, call it plain stupidity, call it love, call it whatever .. but even though she fears him, she feels the desperate need to please her pimp and make him proud of her. Therefor, as long as she doesnt get her memory back, this girl will work the streets and try to make as much money as possible in order to make her pimp happy and not have him abuse her for being a lousy whore.

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